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Concrete Stock Troughs

Australian Made and Owned

ClearWater Tanks have designed our own range of concrete water troughs for farm or feedlot use with stock health and water quality at the forefront of our design.

Concrete troughs are robust, heavy and hard for stock to break or shift. They also keep water cool and can withstand fire.

As a general ‘rule of thumb’ for rectangular troughs … allow 1 metre of length for every 30 head of cattle or 100 head of sheep.

The full range of concrete stock water troughs are manufactured at our facility in Manildra and distributed via rural suppliers across the Central West, NSW and beyond.

For more information please call us on 1800 647 756.

The choice is Clear ...
  • Suitable for feedlots, sheep, cattle, horses, poultry and most livestock
  • Reinforced with mesh
  • Finished with 40MPA vibrated concrete
  • 10 year warranty*
Standard features ...
  • Tamper proof design
  • Enclosed float valve chamber
  • Easy access to float valve
  • Concrete hob for easy installation & protection of external plumbing
  • 2″ inlet (except CLEARPP)
  • Concrete lid
  •  4″ outlet
Options ...
  • Low or high pressure float valves
  • Erosion and stabilising pad models
What our customers say ...
  • I like the enclosed float valve chamber which is large enough to house the tap. This means curious stock are unable to play with the tap and turn it off but the trough can be isolated when not in use or for cleaning. 

  • The concrete hob which protects the water pipe from damage from fidgety or impatient animals is a great idea. There’s very little outside the trough for animals to damage.

Poor quality water may reduce animal production and impair fertility. ClearWater Troughs are designed to ensure your livestock have a continuous supply of clean water.

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